Scanway’s Optical Payload

a product line of high-resolution
telescopes for Earth Observation


Telescopes of this line are designed in very specific way to be integrated with small satellites, both nanosatellites and microsatellites.

Scanway’s Optical Payload is available in different configurations. Depending on user’s need, it can be equipped with different types of spectrum bands detectors (VIS, NIR, SWIR) and be characterized by a different imaging resolution.

modular design allowing scalability (from nano- to microsatellites)

wide spectral window of optics

athermal telescope structure

optics and telescope type allowing to adapt results&performance (spatial resolution, image quality parameters e.g. MTF) to application needs

possibility of integrating the star sensors into a single structure with the telescope to reduce the impact of AOCS on both systems

possibility of integration with any sensors (including multisensor systems): RGB, mono, NIR, linear, multi- and hyperspectral

possibility to integrate telecommunication solutions into optical path of imaging sensors

telescope shutter safety systems

use of COTS and ITAR-free elements

1Mix of athermalized titanium-aluminium

2Wide field detector

312C, SPI, LVDS interface

4In-house design optics

5Baffle for greater SNR performance